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Memes for Humanity & Animatics & More!

Memes for Humanity

So last week, I was talking to our Social Media Manager, Shania about what are the best strategies to help bridge the political divide on social media. We noticed that memes (An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations) were getting more traction than the content that was more text heavy. I realize this might be obvious but we realized maybe we should move to focusing on the visuals more i.e. make more positive memes. I then wondered if there was any research about how memes could help us depolarize and I found there is! A recent study by the Center for Media Engagement found that using memes about common humanity can actually help bring people with different political views together. So, when you see those funny memes on social media reminding you that we're all just human and we all make mistakes, they're not just good for a laugh. They can actually make you feel more positive towards people you disagree with politically. This means that social media platforms should prioritize these kinds of memes in their algorithms, especially when people are talking about politics. We all know how hard it is to get along with someone who has different political beliefs. It can be a real challenge. But this study suggests that if we can tap into this sense of common humanity, where we recognize that we all make mistakes sometimes, it could really help us bridge the gap. And guess what? The study found that when people were shown Facebook memes that made them think about common humanity, they actually started feeling more positive towards people they disagreed with politically. Who knew that memes could do something positive for humanity? The memes didn't change their perception of negative traits in those people, but they definitely improved their attitudes. So, next time you're scrolling through your feed and you see a meme about common humanity, give it a like! It might just help bring us all a little closer together, especially when we're talking about politics. Click on the link below to see the study.

Envisioning the Film Through Animatics We're thrilled to give you another update on our upcoming film, "The Question." Before shooting, we've been using an animatic—a moving storyboard with audio—to bring the story to life. Here's a sneak peek into our behind-the-scenes process! An animatic is a blueprint that helps us visualize the pacing and flow of the film. With our lead actress Rae Lane and advisory board member Amanda Kang on board, we took pictures in the theater to capture key moments. I then carefully arranged the images to create a compelling visual narrative. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we brought the still images to life, adding dialogue and music. The animatic gave us a rough idea of the film's look and taught us valuable lessons. Through experimentation, we discovered redundant sections and made script revisions to strengthen the story. Excitingly, "The Question" is coming together beautifully. The animatic fueled our anticipation for the shoot, and we can't wait to share the finished film with our amazing community of supporters. The Question is Back on the Red List So Coverfly (a screenwriting website) has put "The Question" back on the Red List at #11 out of 6421 screenplays! The ratings are derived from the script's success in screenwriting contests and "The Question" has had 5 different accolades which is what led us to this high placement. It is another great sign of success!

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