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"Is Our Two Party System Causing Polarization?"/Rehearsals

Is the Two Party System Causing Polarization?

I just listened to this podcast, The Weeds which goes in depth into major political issues of the day and they had a great episode looking into the idea that our Two Party System is one of the major causes of our divided country. Sometimes it is easy to think that our Two Party System is the only democratic system, but in fact, there is a wide range of democratic systems. Some of these look like promising options that would help us break the destructive cycle of polarization. I think the advantage of looking at polarization this way is that we focus less on the sins of the other side and more on how all of us can work towards a system that can help us unite and create a healthier political culture. One of the most compelling examples that the political scientist, Lee Drutman brings up is Ireland. As you might know, Ireland was mired in a deadly internal conflict for decades but one thing that helped them break out of the cycle is their adaptation of their form of democracy. Ireland's democratic system promotes depolarization and encourages cooperation through several key mechanisms. The proportional representation voting system allows for diverse political parties to gain representation, fostering the formation of coalition governments that require compromise and collaboration. Regular elections hold elected representatives accountable and prioritize the concerns of the people over divisive rhetoric or extreme ideologies. The system protects civil liberties and fundamental rights, creating an inclusive and tolerant society that values diverse perspectives and respectful dialogue. By ensuring political pluralism, it prevents the dominance of a single ideology, encouraging a balanced decision-making process that emphasizes cooperation and consensus-building. Doesn't this sound like a better way for our government to work? Check out this podcast below!

We Started Rehearsing!

So we are already rehearsing for our film shoot in early September. Our two actors, Kelby McCan and Rae Lane met on zoom two times to talk about the screenplay with our writer/director, Peter Tamaribuchi. Kelby and Rae brought their own different perspectives as artists and engaged citizens to reviewing the screenplay and have been fantastic in shaping the screenplay into its best form.

One of the questions we talked about was: How do these two characters with such different political viewpoints come together? Each of us has dealt with this question in our own lives and one major takeaway was that we all share a desire to connect and that when politics separate us, it is very painful, especially with those who you love. I think the hopeful aspect is that when two people really do care about each other, they are willing to go the extra mile to find common ground. If we can all try to do this, there really is hope!

We are so excited to keep meeting over the next two months as we prepare for the film shoot. As always, please email us with questions or thoughts about The Question or anything related to bridging the divide.

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