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Ways to Bridge the Divide

We have been working on THE QUESTION for about 5 years and we have learned a lot about how to bridge the political divide in the US.  One of the most effective way is to participate and support the many organizations doing this poweful work.  There are many organizations but here are a few that we have connected with and have seen how effective their efforts are. You can find out more by clicking on their names.  


Braver Angels

Braver Angels is a non-profit organization that aims to depolarize American society by bringing people with opposing political views together for conversations and workshops. Through its programs, Braver Angels seeks to build bridges between individuals on both sides of the political divide and promote empathy, understanding, and civility in public discourse. 


Bridge USA

Bridge USA is a non-profit organization that strives to create a more inclusive and constructive democracy by promoting civic engagement and productive political dialogue among college students. By creating a space for respectful and informed political dialogue, Bridge USA hopes to foster a new generation of politically-engaged leaders who are committed to working together to tackle the country's most pressing issues. 


Civic Health Project 

The Civic Health Project is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen civic engagement and community participation in the United States. By promoting civic engagement and participation, the organization hopes to create a more equitable and just society where all individuals have a voice in shaping the future of their communities. 


We hope you connect and support these organizations or find out other organizations that are in your area.  If you have any questions about these organizations, let us know and email us at  


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