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The Question

An upcoming film

written and directed 

by Peter Tamaribuchi

Our Campaign has begun!

Please help us finish The Question

and get it to audiences across the country!

There are two ways you can give.

You can donate with a check for $500 or more

via our fiscal sponsor Film Projects

Or you can go to Indiegogo
starting March 9th
at the link below


THE QUESTION is an upcoming narrative short film 

that deals with the damaging effects of

American political polarization.  

"When a liberal theater director decides to

put on an anti-Trump interpretation of Hamlet,

her boyfriend  opposes this idea because

he voted for Trump.


Will the political divide tear apart

their relationship and the country or

can they find another way?"

THE QUESTION will be a film that brings both

Democrats and Republicans,

liberals and conservatives

together to talk about this explosive issue

in a way that can rebuild our country.  

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 8.46.14 PM.png

"Our state to be disjoint and out of frame."

-Claudius 1.2; Hamlet


Lisa, a thirty something liberal theater director, decides she wants to do an anti-Trump play based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. But her boyfriend, Matthew, a thirty something conservative man and actor, opposes the idea.  It is revealed that Matthew voted for Trump and Lisa is outraged because she believes that Trump is destroying the country. She tells Matthew about her family's history in the Japanese American incarceration camps in the 1940's and how that shaped her views on racism. Matthew, a European American man, disagrees and shares his own personal story of economic hardship related to the 2008 crash and how that has led to his support for President Trump. 


THE QUESTION is a short film exploring the damaging effects of American political polarization. By working with local and national stakeholder organizations, THE QUESTION aims to bring Americans of varying political persuasions together around the film to watch and then create meaningful dialogue around ways we can better see and understand one another across the political divide. Ultimately this project is about using storytelling to find common ground and create meaningful dialogue without sacrificing core personal values.

Large Audience

is getting 
great reviews

The script placed on The Red List on the well-known site, Coverfly, and was rated in the top 4% of

16,000 short film projects.

“The Script pulls off the impossible: showing a Trump supporter

and an anti-Trump supporter

come to an agreement."

The Script Lab


Our Production Team

We are assembling a fantastic team of filmmakers, artists and community supporters.  Our team includes:

  • Frazer Bradshaw (EVERYTHING STRANGE AND NEW, Sundance 2009)

  • Pete Nicks (THE FORCE, Best Direction, Sundance 2017)

  • Stefano Gonzalez (Transgress Studios LLC)

  • Jim Sciutto (CNN anchor)

And more!


The film is being sponsored by the non-profit,

Film Projects (RANCHLANDS),  

and produced by Storytelling for the Screen LLC.

Film Crew
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Film Production

Videos about US political polarization

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All Videos

All Videos
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Political polarization prompts efforts to bridge the gap through shared experiences

Political polarization prompts efforts to bridge the gap through shared experiences

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Examining the crisis in America’s democracy and the polarization of its politics

Examining the crisis in America’s democracy and the polarization of its politics

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